Taking Integrated, Point-of-Care Gap Messaging to the Next Level with Juxly

Blog Posts  |  28 September 2021

Veradigm® recently announced a strategic partnership with Juxly to help bring integrated, risk, quality and value-based care gap messaging to the point of care.

Juxly Vault is an electronic health record (EHR) application that empowers providers and payers to improve patient care, quality metrics, and risk-adjusted revenue. It seamlessly integrates risk and quality gap alerts directly into the provider’s EHR workflow. Juxly Vault was recognized as an Allscripts Developer Program Featured Application in November 2020 and currently integrates with Allscripts Professional, TouchWorks, athenahealth, EPIC, and Cerner.

Veradigm eChart Courier™ is an easy-to-use solution that automates the traditionally time-consuming and manual process of medical chart retrieval. It enables healthcare providers to share medical records with health plans and other payers, in a secure, automated, and seamless fashion—eliminating the need for in-office manual chart audits.

Our synergistic strategic partnership with Juxly will help further the eChart Courier bidirectional strategy, allowing us to continue providing one-to-many medical chart retrievals, while enabling the presentation of risk and quality gap messaging from Health Plans at the point of care.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about Veradigm eChart Courier and our partnership with Juxly.

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