MIB Leverages Veradigm™ to Facilitate Secure Data Exchange

Blog Posts  |  11 February 2019

Through an agreement announced at the annual HIMSS conference, MIB’s 400 life insurance member companies will be able to access medical records electronically via Veradigm’s eChart Courier™ service. The medical information, which will be used for life insurance underwriting, is shared when the individual applying for life insurance provides authorization.

Veradigm eChart Courier automates the medical chart retrieval process and delivers medical records via electronic transfer in a secure and encrypted format. By electronically delivering medical records, Veradigm’s eChart Courier eliminates the manual retrieval process for the life insurance companies, health plans, medical practices and others that use it - saving them valuable time and resources.

With solutions such as Veradigm eChart Courier, MIB can enable a more efficient workflow for life insurance underwriting while also providing consumers with faster quoting for insurance coverage.

For more information, please find the detailed announcement on the MIB website.

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