Veradigm's Vision for the Future: Transforming Life Sciences and Healthcare

Thought Leadership  |  24 May 2024

Written by: Katie Wilson

In Newsweek’s New Era of Life Sciences 2024 Report, Veradigm’s President and Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Langan, discusses how Veradigm’s innovative approach drives value for clients through the Veradigm Network. This extensive network connects healthcare providers, life sciences, and health plan customers, making Veradigm a pivotal player in the industry.

Tom Langan highlights, “Unique to Veradigm is our ability to engage providers directly via the Veradigm Network. Our experience and knowledge in catering to providers, life sciences, and health plan customers also contribute to our competitive edge.” This direct engagement empowers Veradigm to offer unparalleled insights and reach across various industry segments.

Our foundation is built on robust data practices, focusing on consents, data usage rights, provider connectivity, and scalability. Originally a provider-focused company, Veradigm has significantly expanded its scope to support life sciences and health plans, marking a pivotal shift in our operational focus.

Our innovations shine in value-based care, helping providers transition from fee-for-service models to outcome-focused approaches. For life science companies, we lead in data integration, research support, and provider engagement. Additionally, our use of AI enhances operational efficiency and extracts valuable insights for better patient care and research facilitation.

Veradigm’s competitive strength lies in our diverse data sources and the extensive scale of our provider and patient-level data network.

Explore how Veradigm is shaping the future of life sciences and healthcare by reading the full report in Newsweek’s New Era of Life Sciences 2024.

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