Effectively Integrating Point-of-Care Messaging – Start with the Right Partner

Blog Posts  |  26 October 2020

Veradigm delivers exclusive, comprehensive point-of-care messaging to targeted users of the largest ambulatory EHR provider - directly at the point of care.

For BioPharma marketing leaders and the media solutions agencies that partner with them, the ability to reach specific healthcare providers of interest is essential. Doing so through a mission-critical, point-of-care system like their electronic health record can be even more valuable. While this channel may be new to some, the good news is the right partner—one with the right tools to drive awareness of your key message—can help make it easy.

Veradigm continues to lead the point-of-care communications market with exclusive, highly targeted, point-of-care solutions reaching tens of thousands of healthcare providers across multiple point-of-care platforms from Allscripts. Only Veradigm can deliver:

  • Point-of-care promotional messaging direct to users of Practice Fusion and Veradigm ePrescribe platforms.
  • Multiple touchpoints throughout the provider workflow—before, during and after patient visit.
  • Dominant share of voice at targeted points of the Practice Fusion and ePrescribe EHR workflows.
  • Unique campaign reporting & analytics to help drive brand insights.

    Download Point-of-Care Messaging Info Sheet
    To speak to a Veradigm representative about how these solutions might be able to assist you in meeting your goals, visit us at www.veradigm.com/contact and select “Media Solutions” as your area of interest.
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