Veradigm Supports Expanding Healthcare Organization With Streamlined Solutions and a Smooth Transition: A Real-World Success Story of a Veradigm Client

Thought Leadership  |  28 March 2024

Featured Client Story

Healthcare practices change their electronic health record (EHR) and practice management systems for a broad range of reasons, from pricing to quality of service to lack of functionality. The practice’s current vendor may not provide a satisfactory level of support, or the current system may lack the functionality required for the practice to comply with constantly changing government regulations, quality reporting initiatives, and payment models. Practice mergers are another frequent driver of system changes, as the two practices face the need to integrate their healthcare technology in a way that supports streamlined workflows and effective exchange of information. And mergers are becoming more common as more and more healthcare practices find it makes greater sense to work together to deal with the increasing administrative and regulatory burden associated with changing regulatory requirements, the evolving demands of public and private insurers, and declining reimbursement rates.

However, moving to a new EHR system is almost always time-consuming and disruptive to practice operations. Switching EHRs also presents a significant risk of losing access to, or corrupting, patient or business record data.

These were issues faced by Chesapeake Urology, the most extensive urology practice in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. As a growing healthcare organization, Chesapeake Urology faced the challenge of uniting new practices as they joined the ranks, each bringing their initial EHR solution.

Chesapeake Urology required a solution that their new members would find easy to use while also addressing the specific issues involved in running a specialized urology practice. Just as important, they required a solution that would ensure a smooth transition and continued clinical success for each of their practices and surgical centers.

Read on to learn how Chesapeake Urology partnered with Veradigm to help grow its organization and streamline its solutions. Veradigm provided Chesapeake Urology with a broad suite of solutions tailored to the needs of a growing urologic practice—along with open communication, dedicated support professionals familiar with their unique practice needs, workflow efficiencies, and innovations to meet providers’ needs.

Chesapeake Urology includes 111 physicians and 34 mid-level providers at 28 locations across the Mid-Atlantic region. It provides patients with access to super specialists, a comprehensive support team of healthcare professionals, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, highly advanced treatments and therapies, and the latest clinical trials.

This paper recounts Chesapeake Urology’s successful collaboration with Veradigm to implement the Veradigm Suite of solutions, with results such as:

  • Reduced administrative burden associated with changing regulatory and reimbursement requirements
  • Improved financial performance
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction by assisting with the high costs and long wait times associated with many specialty medications

Learn how Veradigm fulfilled not only Chesapeake’s immediate technology needs but also provided ongoing support, including software updates, system optimization, ongoing training, industry compliance, and beyond.

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