Revo Health Partners with Allscripts® to Provide Practice Management and Allscripts Payerpath® to Infinite Health Collaborative Clinics

Blog Posts  |  06 May 2021

Allscripts, parent company of Veradigm®, recently announced a partnership with Revo Health, LLC to bring Allscripts® Practice Management and Allscripts Payerpath to all of its Infinite Health Collaborative (i-Health) clinics. Payerpath, along with Pulse8, is a part of the Veradigm Payer Business Unit.

Revo delivers management services solutions for physician practices and ambulatory surgery centers. It provides management services for all i-Health operating divisions and supports HR, IT, Revenue Cycle, Finance, Purchasing, Marketing, and Quality.

i-Health is an independent physician practice with operating divisions of cardiology, colon and rectal, family medicine, orthopedics, vascular and interventional radiology, and women’s health.

Payerpath delivers a robust portfolio of revenue cycle management solutions and services that work with any practice management system, along with an advanced integration with Allscripts Practice Management. The Payerpath portfolio of solutions include patient readiness, patient responsibility, claims management, and practice productivity.

This synergistic partnership will enable the delivery of robust financial and scheduling platforms to the i-Health clinics.

Click here to read the full press release

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